REF. 1BM00106

REF. 1BM00106

This handball goal model is designed and manufactured in compliance with EN-749:2004 and the handball and indoor football regulations.

DIMENSIONS: 2000 x 3000 mm.

Specially designed and developed for handball goals under a thorough study of safety and durability.

With this aside folding system, it is not necessary to move the goal each time that the place has to be used for other activities. The goal is folded in one side, thus leaving free space.

The goal’s frame is made from a square aluminium profile 80 x 80 with round edges and inner reinforcement.

This frame has a back slot (anti-entrapment) for fixing the hooks to secure the net. The net is fastened

by polypropylene hooks patented by our brand Antuco.

The white lacquered aluminium frame is subjected to a masking process with high-temperature tapes to mark

the strips established by the regulations. This painted is done with polyester powder paint in a high-temperature

furnace, achieving a large resistance.

Available in other colours upon request.

The joint for end corner goals is made by a polyamide bracket injected with metal parts. The end corners

are protected with a special rubber joint moulded to avoid cuts.

  • The folding system of the goal is made of treated steel profile and lower floor fixing plates at the back.

To facilitate the folding, it has wheels on the front. This folding system is produced according to the needs of the facility.

  • Arcs made of treated steel round tube of Ø 30 mm.