REF. 1BM00104

This handball goal model is designed and manufactured in compliance with EN-749:2004 and the handball and indoor football regulations. With ITA certificate (Aragon Institute of Technology).

Dimensiones intr. 3.000 x 2.000 x 1000 mm

Dimensiones ext. 3.160 x 2. 080 x 1080 mm

The posts and the crossbar are made of aluminium square section of 80 x 80 mm with rounded edges in the way to not be dangerous.

On the back, net fastening hooks made of polypropylene, developed with a mould designed and patented by Antuco.

Across the whole rear perimeter of the frame are placed and adjusted the hooks with the appropriate gaps for placing

the net in a way that the ball could not get through any hollow between the net and the posts.

The frame has all its faces painted in white and red strips alternately, so then it is easily distinguished at the end of the pitch.

This process is carried out once all its structure is degreased with a first process with white polyester powder paint and a second masking process with high-temperature tapes to mark the strips following the regulations.

Both paintings are realised with polyester powder paint in a high-temperature furnace.Down base made of treated steel profile of 80 x 40 mm with floor fixing plates and net fastening hooks like in the frame of the goal.

Round tube arcs of Ø 40mm

Upper rear base of round tube Ø 30 mm.