REF. 1R000002

This goals are manufactured in compliance with official rugby standards.

Height goalkeeping 11000mm + 800mm length

Produced in extruded aluminium profile developed by Antuco&emd.

Each goal is made up for 2 Ø 120 mm posts and a crossbar of Ø 100 mm

The vertical posts are made from a Ø 120 mm aluminium mould.

The crossbar is made from a de Ø 100 mm aluminium mould of 5,6 m length.

The posts are supplied in lacquered white colour.

The union between the posts and the crossbar is reinforced using a treated steel bracket attached to both the posts and the crossbar with screws located in the slot of aluminium profile and special support.

The post must be anchored to the floor. Sockets Ø 126 mm and length 800 mm.