REF. 1HB10001

Goal with folding arches to facilitate both transport and storage

Dimensions  2000 x 1000 x 1000 mm

Dimensions folded  2000 x 1000 x 150. mm

This goal is all served in one piece.

STRUCTURE: The frame of this goal is made of steel profile of 40 x 20.

Arcs of steel round tube Ø 30 mm.

Treatment for the goal: Once the entire structure is finished, it follows an anti-grease phosphate of zinc process and afterwards goes through the painting tunnel, coating it with polyester powder paint at high temperature. Finally all the structure goes to a polymerization furnace where the piece is subjected to 200 ºC. This process gives to the metallic structure a high anti-rust resistance, a high impact resistance, great brightness and colour stability in a continuous exposure to 150 ºC.
This type of coating meets the requirements specified BS6496 :1984 and the Qualicoat quality rule.
The powder paint used is made of polyester resins, it has excellent resistance to the rust and the atmospheric agents and great colour retention when exposed to the sunbeam. Some of their properties are the impact resistance, rust resistance due to a saline mist, the humidity and the inclemency permanence without any blisters nor brightness loose or decolouration, colour stability with very high temperatures.
1.000 h of chemical resistance and durability before a salt spray test, ASTM B117 at 35º. Rust begins to appear from the bladeless than 2 mm (BS6496, section 15).