REF. 1BV00103

Set of volleyball posts designed and manufactured in compliance with UNE-EN 1271:2015.                                                                 Playing field equipment. Volleyball equipment.

This set of volleyball posts is manufactured in extruded aluminium profile Ø 120 mm developed by Antuco&emd for the practice of high competition volleyball.

This profile is made of extruded aluminium Ø 120 mm round tube provided with inner reinforcements.

With adjustable stainless steel carriage and long spindle (380 mm) for tightening the net.

The system is integrated into the post to comply with European standards.

Regulatory heights (2.00, 2.1, 2.18, 2.24, 2.37, and 2.43 m)

It has some rubber pieces on the upper and lower part to prevent damaging the floor.

These posts are removable to anchor to the floor.


REF. 1X000501

Made of lacquered aluminium.

For Ø 120 mm posts. Length 400 mm.