This model of basketball goal has been designed and manufactured by ANTUCO&EMD in our facilities in Zaragoza (Spain).

It is designed with the latest technologies through finite element calculation to ensure that the structure absorbs correctly the impacts and vibrations produced during the basketball game.

These basket goals are installed and held to the ceiling of the sports hall. They are folded forwards or backwards manually.

They are designed principally to be used as basket goals for the cross courts of the sports hall.

Different options for rings (solid or dunk) and backboards (fibreglass, methacrylate or glass, the two last options in different thicknesses). The backboard has underside protection to protect the players (optional).

Due to our condition of manufacturers having our own paint tunnel, the structure of the basket goal can be painted in different colours.

The installation is carried out according to the specific characteristics of the pavilion, for which the ANTUCO technical department studies and develops the most appropriate solution for each facility.

The additional substructure to fix the basket goals to the ceiling is made by adapting to the specific features, so these are designed and quoted separately.