REF. 1AT02003

This product is designed and manufactured by ANTUCO&EMD in compliance with the current regulations of the International Athletics Federation, IAAF.

Certificate IAAF Nº E-00-0304

Max height   2,5 m.

Telescopic jump meter, made from an aluminum matrix with an oval tube 100 x 120mm

The metal base is equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability.

It consists of a post, a base, and a guide with the slat holders.

The post is an aluminum profile (6063) with an oval section 100 x 120mm design, internal ribs that give it greater rigidity, and a slot through which the guide of the slat holder will slide.

The base is curved made of a 30 diameter round steel tube and has 2 wheels to make it easier to move.

The guide for the cleat supports is located within the slot of the post and can be slid along the post to choose the height of the jump on a graduated tape on the surface. Once the height is chosen, it is fixed with the fixing accessory that maintains the position of the supports without the possibility of movement during the jump.

The supports are made of aluminum (6063), they are flat and rectangular, 4 cm wide and 6 cm long, attached to the guide at two different heights and move jointly with it along the length of the posts. The ends of the slat will sit on the supports in such a way that if a competitor touches it it will easily fall to the ground forward or backward