REF. 5AT01100D

This weight container is developed by ANTUCO & EMD in accordance with the current regulations of the IAAF International Athletics Federation

Certificate E-20-1076

Wooden container prepared to withstand all weather conditions. Constructed in such a way that it can be solidly attached to the ground, resisting the thrust of the pitcher’s foot at the end of his effort. Painted in white with special ecological paint for exteriors. The inner face of the container is placed on and in the extension of the inner face of the plate; To adapt to the circle, the container has a length on the inner face (measured over the arc) of 1.21m as well as a width of 0.112m to 0.30m and a height from the inner level of the circle of 0.08m has a chord 115cm (± 1cm) for an arc length equal to that of the circle