REF. 1AT01006

Launch cage developed by ANTUCO & EMD, manufactured in our facilities. The design of this cage model is carried out under current regulations of the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ATHLETICS
The throwing cages, with horseshoe-shaped, are made up of the following parts:

10 posts and front doors, made of galvanized 90 x 90 x 3 mm profile. The 10 posts are:

6 Posts that form the rounded part of the horseshoe. They have a height of 7.30 m plus an extension of 640 mm, which is the part to be anchored into the ground. They have a reinforcement profile to increase their resistance.

4 posts of 10.20 m that are placed in the front area of the horseshoe, reinforced with an additional profile to give strength to the set against the forces of the wind.

2 Folding doors, of 10 meters high, made of galvanized steel 80 x 80 x 3 mm profile. To increase their rigidity, they have intermediate crossbars to give strength to them. The doors sit on a lower wheeled trolley, which helps to support the set and to facilitate its movements.  The doors have 4 hinges, which together with the use of the undercarriage, to avoid deforming over time.

4 stiffeners for the 10.20 m posts.

11 adjustable locks between posts.

2 movable front doors 2 x 10 m.

Intermediate crossbars, between the different 7.30 and 10.20 m posts, to keep the entire cage together thus remaining solidly installed.

With winch

5mm single net, 45mm mesh in GREEN polyamide