REF. 1BV00303

Unit of volleyball post designed by antuco&emd.

This post has a mechanism on both sides to create two volleyball courts with only three posts.

This aluminium profile has been developed for antuco&emd for volleyball practice.

Aluminium profile posts of diameter Ø 90 mm round section. Lacquered in white colour. With outer telescopic bushing adjustable to the reglementary heights (2.00, 2.1, 2.18, 2.2, 2.24, 2.30, 2.40, and 2.43 m) with a fastener to fix them.

The net fastening system consist of a pulley fixed on one of the posts and a special ratchet in the other.

The net fastening is carried out a flexible cable which is inside of the upper band to keep the net taut. The taut is controlled with the clamping device. Another below cable fastens the net to the posts so that the grid is horizontal.

The posts are removable and prepared for anchoring to the floor.



Made of lacquered aluminium.

For Ø 90 mm posts. Length 400 mm.