REF. 3MB10001

This basketball goal has been designed and produced in compliance with EN-1270 “Playing field equipment. Basketball equipment. Functional and safety requirements. Test methods.”

Unit of fixed basketball goal of only one square post of 100 x 100 x 3 mm with plate base fixed to the ground.

The basket is made up for a vertical post and the arm which give the overhang to it. At both ends, posts and arm, they have incorporated fixing plates. The one of the arm for fixing the backboard and ring and the one of the post for anchoring to the ground.

In the lower part of the post there is a perforated plate as connection point to the ground anchorage. This union is made by means of screw-in rod joined to each other to be fixed to the concrete. The structure of the basket goal is subjected to an anti-grease process to later go through the painting tunnel. This process is carried out with polyester powder paint in a high-temperature furnace, achieving a large resistance.

It can be also made in galvanized finish (recommended for coastal areas).

Methacrylate backboard.

Solid regulatory ring + net 4 mm.