REF. 1B090323

This model of DUNK RING for the practice of sports basketball has been designed and manufactured by ANTUCO & EMD in our facilities in Zaragoza (Spain)

All basketball rings and minibasket are manufactured at the Antuco & emd facilities following the current standards.

The inside diameter of the ring is 0,45 m, the distance from the inner side of the ring to the backboard is 0,15 m. The fastening of the ring to the backboard is done through a plate and screws. All the metallic structure follows an anti-grease phosphate of zinc process and afterwards goes through the painting tunnel. This painted finish is carried out with orange polyester powder paint in high-temperature furnace, achieving a large resistance. This process gives to the metallic structure a high anti-rust resistance, a high impact resistance, great brightness and colour stability in a continuous exposure to 150º C.

This model of ring has 12 hooks to secure the net and is joined to the structure and backboard of the basket by plates, one of them folded, and two reinforcement rods. It includes a protection system for the player’s safety. This system protects the ring and the backboard.